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PSHE at Springwell is taught in form groups and, where possible, taught by form tutors.

As well as preparing our students for life in modern Britain it also furnishes our students with the skills, confidence and creativity as we explore a range of complex and challenging moral, spiritual and ethical issues.

After each assessment point, students also reflect on their progress across all subjects and set targets to ensuring their continued development and take responsibility for their own learning. 

Character Education is assessed throughout Y7-11, with students demonstrating and evidencing the skills and qualities that they need to thrive in their chosen career.  Students work through 7 different aptitudes and are rewarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates, with Elite badges given to those excelling in the subject.

At Key Stage 3, we aim to promote positive and healthy lifestyles and choices, offering support and guidance on a large range of topics.  Our work on this means we have been awarded the Healthy Schools Community Award by the NHS as recognition of our outstanding provision.

SMSC and Fundamental British Values form a large part of the curriculum with numerous opportunities to explore and debate issues, such as General Elections, EU referendums and annual Local Democracy Week Question Time debates attended by local counsellors or visits to the Town Hall with the Mayor.

Every year students undertake lessons on Remembrance to tie in with our whole college ceremony and year group assemblies.

PSHE is a dynamic subject and changes depending on topical events – with additional lessons and opportunities to reflect on events such as the Manchester Arena attack or the EU referendum.

Additional enrichment activities and provision includes Zebrared, Barclays Lifeskills, Chesterfield College, British Red Cross delivering first aid training for all students, Kayleigh’s Love Story, Road Safety and Speakers4Schools.


Year 7

At Key Stage 3, PSHE looks at settling in, friendships and bullying before moving on to emotional well-being, healthy eating, sleeping and exercise.  We cover personal hygiene and puberty and move on to fire safety.  The LEA come in to present their road safety TIE performances and several lessons are given over to reflect upon this.  Moral and spiritual issues are explored as students try to update the 10 commandments and then Year 7 ends with an exploration of the brain, revision techniques and how best to use the brain to optimise learning.


Year 8

Year 8 starts with the British Heart Foundation’s CPR training for all students.  We then move on to explore being British and what it means to be British in the 21st century – from immigration to creating an A-Z of Britain.  Other topics covered include the use of alcohol, smoking and former legal highs and the dangers they present. 


Year 9

Students start looking at relationships, friendships and possible relationship abuse as well as exploring emotional well-being, tolerance, equality and resilience. Life on Death Row and eating disorders are explored as well as looking at financial well-being and homelessness prevention work.


Key Stage 4

Year 10 is focused mainly on exploring spiritual and moral issues.

Mature and sensitive topics such as consent, capital punishment, rule of law, joint enterprise, gang culture, knife crime, use of social media, e-safety and looking at Syria.

Year 10 also works on using Kudos to explore progression pathways and ends with students starting to write their Record of Achievement.


In Year 11, students prepare for Life after Springwell, writing letters to employers and their CVs.  Students prepare for the mock interviews and writing applications for post 16.  

They then look at domestic abuse, HIV, sex and history, pornography before moving on to revision techniques in preparation for their examinations.