Following a successful refresh of our ICT equipment in October 2015, the Governing Body agreed to recycle the existing stock of laptops amongst our college community. All students were given the opportunity to purchase the original laptops that had been replaced, for use at home. Laptops were sold at a greatly reduced price (less than 10% of RRP) and reduced even further for our Pupil Premium students. This initiative has allowed more students to have access to ICT when not in college and therefore be able to access the array of online education resources available from ourselves and third parties as well as having technology available to complete homework and coursework electronically.

In total 265 laptops were sold to students, 160 of these to Pupil Premium students. In addition to supporting our own students we also offered a number of netbooks to our feeder primaries to purchase. Staveley Junior School, Henry Bradley Infant and Barrow Hill Primary School took advantage of the opportunity, receiving 82 netbooks housed in 3 charging trollies between them.

The funding raised from this initiative will be reinvested into future resources to ensure that Springwell Community College remains at the forefront of ICT advances and our students continue to have excellent access to up-to-date facilities.