Governing Body Membership - September 2019

Kathryn Yates, Parent Governor, 15.11.17 - 14.11.21

VACANCY, Parent Governor

VACANCY, LA Governor

Kay Bonnett, Co-opted Governor, Chair, 09.12.14 – 8.12.18

Chris Bonnett, Co-opted Governor, 09.12.14 - 08.12.18

Margaret Cauldwell, Co-opted Governor, 9.12.14 – 8.12.18

Helen Cheetham, Co-opted Governor, 03.02.16 – 02.02.20

Sarah Swift, Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair, 04.10.13 – 30.10.21

Stephen Twelves, Co-opted Governor, 11.07.18 - 10.07.22

Mrs Cheryl Gray, Co-opted Governor, - 19.03.23

Mr Hugh Ruiz, Staff Governor, - 31.08.23

Ian Wingfield, Headteacher, Ex-officio 

Sarah Whitaker, Clerk to Governors


Committee Membership July 2018

Leadership and Strategy Committee Members:

Chris Bonnett (Chair), Sarah Swift, Margaret Cauldwell, Kay Bonnett, Roo Matthews, Katie Yates & Helen Cheetham (Vice Chair)

Education and Curriculum Committee Members: 

Roo Matthews, Margaret Cauldwell, Paul Mann, Kay Bonnett, Sarah Swift (Chair), Chris Bonnett & Katie Yates (Vice Chair)

Pay and Appraisal Committee Members: 

Chris Bonnett, Margaret Cauldwell, Sarah Swift & Katie Yates


LAC, Safeguarding, Attendance, Anti-bullying and DSEN

Sarah Swift

Outcomes for named groups

Margaret Cauldwell

Financial Performance

Chris Bonnett


Sarah Swift


Sarah Swift


Roo Matthews


Kay Bonnett

Non-Core Subjects


Stakeholders Voice

Helen Cheetham



College Website

Helen Cheetham

Health and Safety

Kay Bonnett



Leadership and Management of GB

Sarah Swift & Kay Bonnett 


Margaret Cauldwell


Links to the CIP

Role 1:   LAC, Safeguarding, Attendance and DSEND

Governor:  Sarah Swift


Role 2:  Teaching of Non-Core Subjects

Governor: Chris Bonnett


Role 3:  Embedded Values inc. Health and Safety

Governor: Paul Mann


Role 4:  English

Governor:  Margaret Cauldwell


Role 5:  Maths

Governor: Roo Matthews


Role 6:  Science

Governor: Kay Bonnett


Role 7: Student Progress Leaders



Role 8: Website

Governor: Helen Cheetham


Role 9:   Leadership and Management of GB

Governor: Kay Bonnett